Hemp Face Mask ❤️ Re-Usable Mask ❤️ Organic Fabric

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$ 15.00 


Re-Usable & Washable Organic Hemp Face Mask

Inspired by Covid-19, although I think many of my customer's will enjoy these in the future - Dust, Allergies, & Fire/Smoke Season.


After sewing many masks, I realize our faces are all so different, I've adjusted sizing for that. 

Adult SMALL - unfinished rectangle ~ 6.5"x9" with 6" elastic or lace

Adult LARGE - unfinished rectangle ~ 7"x9" with 7" elastic or lace

Kid - unfinished rectangle ~ 5"x7" with 5" elastic or lace

 ***I now have 1/4" elastic in stock - I'm adding it as an option for you to choose.***

 ***Nose pieces are NOW available as well (add $3) ***

I do offer bulk rates for businesses, please email me for pricing. Thanks ~ betsy@intertwineddesigns.com 

These masks are double-layered using either and if not both ~ 100% Hemp Linen or a 55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton blend.

Hemp, by nature, is anti-bacterial. I think these are a better alternative to using cotton fabric. The stretch lace that I have is softer on the ear than normal elastic, that's why these are the Hemp Sexy Mask. ❤️ 

Some of my Frontline Friends have given me feedback that they like the lace for longer periods of wearing a mask.

Every Hemp Mask will be unique, and if you know me, you know I love color, sew, I'm trying to make them fun. 2-sided with different color's ~ depending on your mood you can flip and flop.

Please wash before you wear. These masks have not been approved by medical research to prevent or cure disease.

 I know there is lots of controversy about wearing a mask, I'm thankful most of my community supports it. Some of our leaders don't, it's not a good example. Do what YOU believe in, protect your loved ones. Be a part of conscious society.


With many big box stores making masks now, consider supporting small businesses more than ever. They were the ones out there originally making them. Being small, gives the ability to adapt. Also, consider the material you're putting against your mouth and what you're breathing into. Fast Fashion is one of the top polluting industries in the World, putting non organic cotton over your face is basically breathing toxic chemicals. Just saying....😷🌿


Care instructions - Machine wash warm or Hand wash

Hang dry for longevity on the lace.

If you feel the hemp is scratchy on your face, put in the dryer, as that will help soften the material. They will have wrinkles after washing, use your hand to smooth out. Hemp gets less wrinkly  & softer the more you wash and wear.

THANK YOU and stay Healthy 😍

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