Merino Wool Frey Hoodie ~ Blue

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Named after the iconic Refugio Frey in Argentina, a sublime mountain hut that you can only reach by foot. I included a photo of the hut, we visited the Frey Valley on my 40th b-day Chile/Argentina adventure trip. It was my favorite part of the whole month.

The naturally breathable, soft Merino Wool wicks away moisture to keep you comfortable on your approach in any season. Based on my Trailbreaker Hoodie design, I use both the lightweight and sweater knit Merino Wool to create the ultimate hoodie for layering.

The sweater knit wool is much thicker, but porous, and breathes phenomenally for frigid days in the mountains (or in the studio for that matter) it keeps your core temperature regulated, while the thinner sleeves help shed excess heat.

Merino Wool Blog

Fabric & Fit Guide / Size Guide “Relaxed Fit”

  • Sizes - XS-XL
  • Color: Twilight/Peacock Blue 
  • 100% Merino Wool
  • Raglan Sleeve w/ Contrasting Cuffs
  • Scuba style hood
  • Side Seam measures 17”

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