Various Eco-Friendly Items for Use Around Your Home
  • Hempkins QUICK VIEW Hempkins $ 32.00


    $ 32.00

    Our beloved hemp napkins are now available for purchase on-line!!! 100% hemp linen, hand-dyed, and hand-sewn into a 11” square. 6 Napkins per set Colors: Midnite, Moss Green, Purple, Wine...
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  • Hemp Washcloths QUICK VIEW Hemp Washcloths $ 18.00

    Hemp Washcloths

    $ 18.00

    Our hemp/organic cotton fleece sewn double-sided into a 7”x 9” rectangle. Pack of 4 Perfect for around the kitchen or bathroom. These are a win, win - I am reducing...
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  • Organic Kids Shirts QUICK VIEW Organic Kids Shirts $ 30.00

    Organic Kids Shirts

    $ 30.00

     Organic Kids Shirts If you've visited my booth before at a festival, you know I've been making these for years - I finally got my act together - took some...
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  • Hemp Coffee Filters QUICK VIEW Hemp Coffee Filters $ 24.00

    Hemp Coffee Filters

    $ 24.00

    Re-usable Hemp Cloth Coffee Filter Available in #2 or #4 size, this is for a pack of 3. Wash in HOT Soapy water before use, and then after every usage...
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  • Hemp Circular Wipes QUICK VIEW Hemp Circular Wipes $ 12.00

    Hemp Circular Wipes

    $ 12.00

    My hemp/organic cotton fleece sewn double-sided into a 3” circle. uses can be for baby wipes, nursing pads, face pads, get creative. These are a win, win - I am...
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  • Fabric Scrap Bundles QUICK VIEW Fabric Scrap Bundles $ 8.00

    Fabric Scrap Bundles

    $ 8.00

    ***Intertwined Designs Fabric Scrap Bundles*** Every bundle is unique and different.  All fabric pieces are different sizes, I’ve taken photos of main sizes that you might receive in a bundle....
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