Hemp Re-usable Wipes 🌿🌎🌿

Intertwined Designs

$ 24.00 


Another new re-usable hemp product inspired by Covid-19. 🌿🌎🌿

I've been using my hemp scraps for years for cleaning around the house, I have some that are who knows how many years old, 8 or 9 years old. When I went to cut my fabric to make these, I had the intention of cutting around 9" or 10" square. As I was cutting, I thought, why am I trimming extra fabric off that will just go to waste, why not cut these based on the piece of fabric.

The minimum size for a re-usable wipe isΒ 9" square, and the maximum could be around 13-14", I have packaged these in bundles of 6.Β 

Every bundle is unique in size and color.

Each wipe is 2 layers of my 55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton knit blend, stitchedΒ around the edges. Use instead of paper towels ~Β in the bathroom, kitchen, dusting. Great for wiping a baby's bum as well.

Thanks for helping save the planet one hemp wipe at a time. Hemp becomes more absorbent over time. The more you use, and wash, the better these will perform.

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