Fall in the Methow

We just love Fall in the Methow, and sometimes wish it would last longer. There's just never enough free days to hike among the Larch, Climb in perfect temperatures, and finish summer projects. As usual, we've been filling every moment with a good mix of work and play.

We followed up our busy summer with a nice trip to Canada to climb Gimli Peak, in Valhalla Provincial Park, BC. It was a wild, and successful trip. We enjoyed stunning views from the summit.

Above: (L) Betsy starting up the trail at first light, Gimli in the distance (R) The view from the top of Gimli Peak 

Our trip continued on to Revelstoke, where we did some climbing in between rain showers and soaked up the local culture. The weather had us heading for drier climates, so we concluded our trip in the wine country of Okanogan, BC.

We celebrated our wedding anniversary with some top notch Greek cuisine at Theo's in Penticton complete with exceptional local wine. We strongly recommend a visit to Theo's, anytime you're in the area.

It would have been nice to stay on vacation the rest of September, but the work was piling up, and it wasn't going to get done on it's own!

We returned to brilliant Fall colors in the Methow, and lots of things to catch up on!

Betsy, got busy working on our new Fall Line (see it here) and started to coordinate the Fall photo shoot with donnireddington.com .

Pitkin got back to work doing web updates for us, as well as his other freelance design work. Including the updated Goat's Beard website.

He also put in more time on our on-going remodeling project, and cleaning up the trees he fell earlier in the year.

When we bought our house in Mazama two years ago, one of our major goals was to transform the garage into the Intertwined Designs workshop.

The first phase was the back half of the garage, which was already enclosed. It didn't really require much more than paint, cleaning, and minor carpentry.

Phase 2, was to frame in the open carport, and make it a finished workspace.

Above: (L) phase 2 in process (R) trees down

This was basically like building a small house, aside from the floor and roof. All aspects of construction came into play, from framing, sheeting, and insulation  -to electrical, plumbing, and finish work. Both interior and exterior. Pitkin is learning quite a bit from this project -to say the least!

The transformation has been amazing, and we look forward to seeing it complete.

Above: (L) interior (R) exterior : by the time you read this the concrete porch will be completed Nov.15'

Our original plan was to make the front of the building a gallery/retail space. After careful consideration, we decided that we are going to make it a screen printing studio, where Pitkin will screen print our clothing with his original designs. 

Our long term customers will remember the screen printed styles we offered several years ago, they were created by Pitkin, but printed by Amjay in Bellingham. By 2016, we will be creating similar styles -in house, with our own printing equipment. We are excited for this new era of Intertwined Designs.

Thanks for checking us out, and stay tuned for more from us. Including some great holiday specials, and sale items!


Betsy & Pitkin



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