We Love Winter!

Above: (L) Betsy booting up to the top of her run | (M) Pitkin & Betsy soaking up the sun | (R) Betsy surfing the Powder, Photo: MKB

It's no secret....

We Love Winter!

Washington Pass closed this week, and the next day we were buried under 2ft of snow! This is the way winter usually announces itself in the Cascades... loudly, and without warning.

Although we spent a lot of extra time shoveling snow this week, it does not lessen our love of winter. It is a time of quiet reflection, for us here in the valley.

The highway traffic slows down, and so does the pace of life. We are greeted daily by nature's wonder, being expressed in endless frosty forms.

Most importantly a new playground starts to take shape as the snow soothes, and softens the rugged landscape. 

Above: JB of eqpdgear.com surveys the playground | Photo: MKB

Truly our most favorite part of winter is backcountry snowboarding (..and skiing!). When the highway closes, it becomes the domain of those lucky enough to own a snowmobile. The deep access, and dangerous conditions, keep the crowds away, but those willing to put in the effort will always be rewarded.

We were fortunate to get out skiing a few times before Thanksgiving this year. It was a blast hanging out with our 'winter' friends, JB & MKB from eqpdgear.com . They share our passion for the outdoors, art, and quality handmade products.

It's not even December, and it feels like we've already had a lot of winter adventures - and looking forward to many more!

Above: Betsy feels her love of winter Photo: MKB | (R) Half Moon, Wallaby, & Liberty Bell guard the playground

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Betsy & Pitkin

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